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Best Penis Enlargement Method – What is the best penis enlargement method?

In today’s world, most of us men are interested in increasing our penis sizes mainly because we feel that a small-sized penis can affect our relationships and has a detrimental effect on our esteem.Its no surprise then, that we are forever searching for the best penis enlargement method.

The average size of penis irrespective of the race is approximately 6 inches. Lack of penis size plays a vital role in self-esteem, perception of masculinity, and confidence.

There are various methods of penis enlargement available according to the individual’s need. Each method has a different level of effectiveness. The methods that have gained popularity due to its effectiveness are natural penile enlargement, penile augmentation surgery, penis pumps, supplements, and traction.

Best Penis Enlargement Methods:

Natural penile enlargement: This method is done using various exercises to increase the penis size in a natural way. This is an inexpensive form of penile enlargement. This natural method includes the process of improving the circulation and increasing the blood volume to the penis withint the erectile tissue. When a man is sexually aroused, the erectile tissue engorges with blood. So, in this method, the erectile tissue is accommodated to hold a higher volume of blood than the usual level. This in turn results in a penis which is large even when the penis is flaccid. There are various exercises such as jelqing, weight hanging, ballooning, and Kegels. In jelqing method, the blood is enforceable sent through the entire portion of erectile tissue. This is done in a milking motion and is performed along the length of the penile shaft in a semi-erect condition. In weight hanging method, the penis is enlarged with the use of stretches and weights. The use of tensile force helps the cells in the erectile tissue to divide thereby increasing penile size. In ballooning method, ejaculation is hold back during sexual activity for around 5 times. The penile size is increased by accelerating the metabolization of testosterone and by stimulating the growth of corpora cavernosa. Kegels is an exercise which involves the strengthening of pubococcygeus muscle which helps in increasing penis size and brings firm erections. This exercise when combined with jelqing yields effective results. This exercise is done by tensing the pubococcygeus muscle which is responsible for the flow of urine.

Penile augmentation surgical procedure lengthens and thickens the penis. Penis pumps are also used which creates vacuum surrounding the penis. Supplements in the form of pills are also used to enhance the penis size.

Penile Extender – The commonly used device for penile enlargement is a penile extender which is very effective in producing the required result. The traction in this device exerts a tensile force on the penis which results in expansion and division of the cells in the penis. This increases the length and widens the penis. This device increases the penile size to about 30%. This device is better than the exercises since penile extender increases the length as well as girth of the penis as opposed to exercises which increases only the length of the penis.

Penile extenders are also used to treat improper penile curvature, bent penis, and also peyronies disease. This device improves sexual stamina and boosts confidence. It is advisable to buy a high-quality penis extender since the traction force can be adjusted. Penis extender with straps are the best to wear for a longer duration. Since exercises require proper training and if done incorrectly, there are chances of damage to the penis, penis extender is the safest method to increase the size of the penis without any adverse reactions.

Using an extender is currently without a doubt the best penis enlargement technique you can employ to get a bigger, thicker penis

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